Kelly, Jeff – “Big Data Market Size and Vendor Revenues”

April 15, 2013

Data-driven marketers and media platforms represent one of the largest and most lucrative markets for big data services providers. This market is currently estimated to be worth at least $4.8 billion annually.  Suppliers of such services include such well-known major US companies as IBM and Oracle, as well as highly innovative new “pure play” companies exclusively devoted to big data. These pure-play big data services vendors currently account for about 10% of the market, equal to $480 million in yearly revenue.  As start-ups, these pure-play big data companies such as Vertica, Splunk and Cloudera play a disproportionate role in technical innovation.

(Kelly, Jeff et al. Updated April 15, 2013, original publication Feburary 15, 2012. “Big Data Market Size and Vendor Revenues.” Wikibon.

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